Thursday, April 17, 2014

Kithe Brewster Estranged husband of Slain Model Ryan Singleton Blocks the Mother in Murder Investigation

I had a chance to speak with Mrs. Flowers by phone today and I have to say my heart went out to her. You could hear the pain in her voice. Iris Flowers finds it hard to cope on a daily basis with so many questions unanswered by the San Bernadino  (California) Police Department about her son Ryan Singleton's death. It has been 7 months since Ryan's mutilated (intact) body was found by two joggers on September 21, 2013. Since then Iris Flowers has made several attempts to find answers in her son’s mysterious death. San Bernadino Police Department have been giving Mrs. Flowers the run around and have yet to provide any information not even a death certificate. Not assisting Mrs. Flowers in her quest for the truth about what happened to Ryan is his estranged husband, who has virtually been missing in action. Ms. Flowers states, "His husband threatened me and told me if I refuse to do as he says he will cut off all information about my son's case.  Why would he make such threats to a grieving mother?”

Maybe this is why…. 23-year-old Ryan Singleton met his 47-year-old soon-to-be husband a short time before he married him in a wedding for which the guest list consisted of Atlanta Real Housewives star Cynthia Bailey and a host of his husband's friends and family. Ryan had NO ONE from his family or friends in attendance. Iris and his only brother weren’t even invited to attend the wedding. Shortly thereafter began a barrage of panic phone calls in the middle of the night from Ryan to his mother and several of his friends. Ryan cried out, saying, “I just threw an $8,000 bag out the window and I don't give a fuck. I can't take this any longer; he's controlling me and we’re living in an apartment with no food, lights and showering at the YMCA. I can't believe I let him trick me into giving up everything." Hearing this, Ryan's mother suggested to her son to come home.  Then, all of sudden, as with most calls from Ryan, he'd hang up immediately whenever his husband would enter.

A week later Ryan called his mother in the middle of the night saying, "I left him and I left my phone and clothes. I have nothing…I just need to get away.”  So Iris contacted a family member who lived in NY who paid for a taxi so Ryan could come there. When Ryan arrived at his family member's house, he had lost a lot of weight and was filthy and looked tired. Horrified by this report, Iris was in a race against time to get Ryan back to Atlanta before his husband could find where Ryan was. She managed to send money for a bus ticket so Ryan could leave for Atlanta that evening.  After Ryan slept for what seemed like a very much needed sleep, his family member fed him and let him bathe, and they talked.  As Ryan was on his way to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, he stopped by the apartment of a couple that his husband knew to retrieve his cell phone that he’d left there the night before. As the concierge of the building handed Ryan his cell phone, he also handed him the building’s phone, where his husband’s friends were on the other end of the line. Sadly, Ryan never got on that bus.

A month later Ryan and his husband came to Atlanta to meet Ryan’s mother and so Ryan could get a new Georgia ID. Iris found this extremely puzzling.  Wasn’t he living in NY???  Iris says, “The visit with my son and my new son-in-law was something I had to hold my tongue for; I had to support my son, because I love my child and I didn’t want him to run off again. I knew he needed me.”  But in a turn of events, Iris says, “After I dropped my son and son-in-law at the airport, I received a call not even 3 minutes later from Ryan, saying come back and get me, I’m not going with him. As matter of fact, don’t come back to the airport because I’m not even there anymore. Pick me up from the train station.” Iris immediately turned her car around to pick up her son at the train station. She says, “It seemed like Ryan was running for his life.” Four months passed in Atlanta, and Ryan was then working as a certified life guard, in the best of shape and starting to rebuild his life again, without his estranged husband. In fact, Ryan had begun dating a young woman and had rejoined the team that he started his life work with. Then on July 9th Iris received a call from Ryan at 9:30am EDT asking her to send him the emergency money that he kept in his room. Iris says she told Ryan it would take only a few minutes for her to send the money and that, after she sent it, she’d call him back with the MTCN.  After repeated calls and texts to Ryan’s cell phone, there was no answer or reply. Then at 10:00am, her son-in-law called her and asked if Ryan was there with her? He repeated the question with more intensity in his voice. He said, “Mom, is Ryan physically there with you? I heard people laughing in the background when I spoke to Ryan a minute ago.”  Iris answered, “No he’s not. He’s in California .” Iris says the next words she heard will now haunt her forever.  His husband said, “Oh no, Mom, he could be in danger out there.” Within 24 hours after that phone call, the Dekalb County (Georgia) Police Department showed up at Iris’s house reporting Ryan Singleton as an official missing person. Since that time, his estranged husband has not communicated in any way with Iris. She has never received any explanation for the comment he made, a comment which seems clearly to show that he is aware of what probably happened to Ryan.

Why is Ryan’s estranged husband shutting down now?  

Why would Kithe say, "Ryan was in danger" if all he heard was laughter?

Why are San Bernadino Police not calling Ryan's death a homicide after 7 months and questionable evidence found?

What is the real story behind Ryan's murder? 

You be the judge by these photographs I was able to find from Cynthia Bailey's twitter page of Ryan's marriage to his husband: Ryan and His Husband's Wedding Pictures

Iris Flowers ask you contact her @ her Facebook for those willing to join her in her search for answers to Ryan's death: Iris Flowers Facebook

Ryan Singleton's Facebook Page:



  1. I think this is horrible. The husband knows something and he looked to old in the wedding pictures to marry that boy almost like he had possessed poor ryaan. I support the mother.

  2. Sad, that this man sucked the youth out of Ryan 47 vs 23 We all know at 23 we think anybody loves us if they treat us nice but 1 month he manipulates Ryan to marry him Wow can I find me sum true love in 1 month???? Exactly!!! So my question is why not let him go home to his mother if he wanted too? How is his life in danger b/c you hear ppl laughing in the background? I thought laughter was a fun or exciting moment Hmmmm…. & How do you threaten a grieving mother? Really!!! This is a jealous, obsessed love crime & its sad cus Ms. Flowers still hasnt gotten any answers, but as the articles says the police informed her in July 2013 within 24hrs that her son is missing 3000 miles away #Impossible Why hasnt she got answers as quick as she got notification???? Creepy isnt it

  3. Somebody needs to check with the sherrif who dropped him off at the gas station...

  4. i second further query into the officer who last saw him alive. and whats up with not finding the car right away? its a straight line to NV.

  5. 3½ miles on highway 15 is absolutely nothing. Like last comment, straight shot. Something is definitely not right

  6. 3½ miles on highway 15 is absolutely nothing. Like last comment, straight shot. Something is definitely not right

  7. Sounds A LOT like Terrence Williams and Felipe Santos disappearances out of Florida...

  8. The "contact with LE, who dropped them at a gas station" part is IDENTICAL.

  9. ask marina abromovich and lady gaga what happened to ryan