Monday, April 21, 2014

Should captain Lee Joon-Seok and crew of the Korean Ferry be charged with Murder?

It has always been said that, "The Captain must go down with the ship." So it is beyond my understanding on why out of the life boats deployed it was the captain Lee Joon-Seok who was it's only passenger. The Korean Ferry accident off Korea's southern coast is very tragic to me the loss of 64 lives and over 200+ still missing. The NY daily news reports that the third mate was steering the ship at the time of the accident, which happened to be his 1st time. Why was this? According to reports Seok, and crew did not evacuate the passengers for almost 30 minutes in my opinion was very valuable time wasted and lives put in a very jeopardizing position to be loss. Monday hot button question of the day is: Do you believe they should be charged with murder? 

Check out the NY Daily News Article:  Third mate was steering ship at time of accident.

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