Thursday, April 17, 2014

Teenager killed by car after being chased by Pit Bull.

This story really breaks my heart, yet angers me. Why is it that there hasn't been a NATIONAL OUT CRY against these vicious dogs attacking humans and their careless owners. This is the 2nd case in which a teenager was hit with a car running from a Pit Bull. It seems that we as Americans have forgotten that these dogs were bred as bloodsports dogs in the UK back in the 1800's. They were later eliminated in 1835 due to new animal welfare laws. But what seems to be holding strong in tradition of these dogs is the bloodsports and gambling that surrounds them. Is the money really worth a human life to have these dogs? What if this was your child? As a mother myself my heart goes out to his mother for her loss. Please click the link below to see the heart breaking story.

Atlanta mother grieves the lost of son...


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  2. OMG. How horrific this is. I hate those kind of dogs. #killerdogs